Mub is a slug and the tritagonist of Epic.


Mub is a silly slug, but he is considered to be deep, and has a lot of pride which is always leading him into trouble. He is smitten with Mary Katherine.


  • Mub is a slug, while Grub is a snail.
  • Mub is voiced by Aziz Ansari.
  • It is noted that Mub is prideful, according to his voice actor Aziz Ansari.
  • Mub is a male.
  • Mub and Grub were a few of the Blue Sky Studios characters to be funny, and silly.
  • Mub doesn't have a shell while he was a slug.
  • Mub has a crush on Mary Katherine.
  • Mub calls Mary Katherine baby girl in a romantic way.
  • Mub and Grub didn't  like Mandrake's boring and torturous stories.
  • Mub is shown to be a good rapper.
  • Mub's name is very close to the word "fudge".

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